Same day TV installation in Houston

Commercial and residential audiovisual systems installation. We will bring everything you need and install it on a turnkey basis.


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    Repousse – urgent help with TV installation

    Repousse will solve for you all the issues related to the installation of the TV. We will arrive at a convenient day and time for you and carefully hang the TV on the wall of any material.

    We use only reliable certified fasteners. We will connect and configure any additional equipment that will work in conjunction with your TV. We give an unlimited guarantee on all services rendered.

    We can set up your TV anywhere

    On metal studs

    Above the fireplace

    On wooden studs

    On a brick

    On drywall

    On tiles

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    We will install additional equipment

    Streaming devices

    Free of charge!

    Gaming equipment

    Free of charge!

    Audio devices

    At discounted charge!


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      We offer only certified mounts

      Custom hanging mounts for bars and restaurants

      Fixed Mounts

      Tilting Mounts

      Articulating Mounts/Articulating

      Do you want to add an audio system to your TV/Projector?

      We will help you to design an audiovisual (AV) system and choose proper equipment to get the best AV experience for your home, office, or any other facility.

      We will select the configuration of the audio system, considering your preferences for sound, room parameters, and technical characteristics of the TV or projector.

      We will offer, deliver and install any types of speakers, subwoofers, spotlights, screens, and other additional equipment.

      Attention! We also offer speakers for shopping centers, gas stations, and other commercial buildings. We mount audio systems in the ceiling, walls, and in other custom non-standard conditions.


      Order installation of TV + audio system

        Who will arrive to install the TV


        Certified TV installer


        He knows all the complexities of television electronics and audio systems


        He will help you connect streaming, gaming equipment and surround sound


        Certified TV installer


        Specializes in mounting brackets


        Helps you choose a custom pendant mount for a bar, restaurant or office


        How to get a 30% discount on installation?

        Order a Samsung or Sony TV from our company at the BEST price on the market! We will deliver it to you for FREE at a convenient day and time as well as offer you a 30% discount on the installation.


        Unlimited TV installation warranty

        We are fully insured and confident in the high level of qualification of our specialists.

        Therefore, we guarantee that nothing will fall or break due to the installer’s fault after the TV installation.

        If this happens, we will refund all repair costs and reinstall your TV free of charge.

        Do you need to install your TV right now, or do you have a question?

        Call us, we are in touch and ready to head out your way for the audiovisual installation.

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